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We’ve welcomed NELL’S PIZZA to Common to take over the kitchen for the foreseeable, offering socially distance slices of NYC inspired pies. Below is a sample menu – you can find today’s selections on the Common & Co app. Pizzas available in 14″, 22″, 22″ half & half, and selected slices.

Nell’s is a family business operated by husband and wife team Charlotte and Jonny Heyes, the name is derived from the initials of our kids’ names, Nell, Edith and Lenny. It’s a real passion project born from a love of pizza and the joy of making, and baking by hand. We are about the best dough, the best ingredients, simply treated with care and attention. Our dough is slow-fermented over 36 hours to allow for a perfect combination of strength for folding and lightness for enjoyment and uses 100% British organic flour.

Download the Common & Co app for click & collect, or visit Deliveroo for Nell’s delivered to your door.

NELL’S PIZZA (14″, 22″, selected varieties by the slice)

ORIGINAL CHEESE (v) Crushed tomato, mozzarella blend, parmesan, evoo
MARINARA (ve) Good tomato, good oil, sliced garlic, good oregano. No cheese.
CACIO E PEPE Black pepper cream, mozzarella blend, pecorino
HAWAIIAN Mozzarella, smoked cheese, forza sauce, Littlewoods Butchers ham, roast pineapple, green chilli, chilli honey.
UPSIDE DOWN MARGHERITA (v) Mozzerella blend, marinara sauce, basil oil, fresh basil, parmesan.
GREENS Roast garlic cream, chilli, smoked lancashire, fior de latte, seasonal greens, parm.
VEGAN DELUXE (ve) Marinara base, artichokes, marinated peppers, red onion, garlic, ‘vegan’duja’.
CHEESE & ONION PIE (v) Roast garlic cream, mozzarella, lancashire cheese, burnt onion, chives, parmesan
VEGANIC (ve) Mushrooms, roast garlic cashew cream, chilli, forza win sauce, thyme.
SAUSAGE & PEPPERS House marinated peppers, house sausage, mozzarella blend, chives.
VEGAN DELUXE (ve) Marinara base, artichokes, mushrooms, red onion, garlic, ‘vegan’duja’.
DO YOU ‘RONI HONEY? Cobble Lane Pepperoni, nduja, crushed tomato, mozzarella blend, chilli honey.
ORIGINAL SAUSAGE MATERIAL Crushed tomato, mozzerella, house sausage, pepperoni, jalapenos, house fermented chilli.
MARINARA PLUS (ve) Marinara base, finished with choped black olives, breadcrumbs, basil oil, fresh basil.


CBGB Garlic Bread Cheese, butter, garlic, bread. And chives.
VGB Vegan Garlic Bread Roast garlic cashew cream, slice garlic, garlic oil, chives
PGB Primo Garlic Bread Roast garlic cream, mozzarella, smoked cheese, sliced garlic, black garlic ketchup, chives.


House Chilli Sauce
House Marinara Sauce
Garlic & Herb Dip

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