I love lamp

We just can’t help but look up these days. Here’s some photographs of just a smattering of the custom-made clay lampshades by Joseph Hartley that make up a good portion of our current Plastic & Leather exhibition. Such contours. Just wanna flip the bar upside and roll around in them. Alas, these photos will have to do for now.

Plastic & Leather, in it’s full effect is running until the end of October. Come down and see the clay in person; adorning our lamps (duh), tap handles & if you’re lucky…coffee tamper. I’d tamp that. Glorious framed photographs of Joseph’s work by Adam Mead too. We’ll be posting some photographs of them photographs soon. Meta!

lamp11 lamps1www lamps2www lamps3www lamps4 lamps5 lamps6 lamps7 lamps8

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