September Specials

Catch these springer spangling specials through the sacred sanguine season of September, ya dang sickos!

French Toast (v) £6
Grilled egg, cream, & cinnamon bread. Banana, maple syrup.
Add bacon for £1 extra
Served until 3pm

Carrot and Feta Salad (v) £4.50
Shaved carrot, crumbled feta, light spices, mint, parsley, lemon.

Mozzarella Sandwich (v) £7.50
Buffalo mozzarella, fresh green pesto, rocket, beef tomato, grilled bread. Served with fries or salad.
Available for £6 in our meal deal Tuesday-Friday 12pm-5.30pm


Cheese Louise £9
Cheese stuffed 6oz burger patty, iceberg & onion seed relish, sliced pickles, more cheese.
Add fries for £1
Available as part of the BOGOF BURGER movement every Tuesday


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