All My Heroes Are Undead

An Exhibition by Chris Drury
September 2010 - January 2011

Growing up in Runcorn, Cheshire, Chris ‘Cavetroll’ Drury spent his formative years reading and drawing his favourite comic book characters. Then with the dawn of video in the 80s and help from the unscrupulous neighbourhood mobile video library his obsession for extreme film hatched.

Graduating from Salford University his first proper job was designing stationary packaging; legend has it, if you head to your nearest Poundland you may find some of his early work. The opportunity to break free from the monotony of the office came in the form of Manchester band Fingathing where he was able to combine his passion for music with his love of surreal gruesome imagery. His ongoing incarnations have been expertly displayed in Fingathing’s visual outlook, using mutant wrestlers all formed from fingers and thumbs, with blood and guts ranking high on the menu.

In the past ten years he has worked with the following esteemed people: Fingathing, Jockey Slut, High Voltage, Diesel, Sony Playstation, Adidas, Grand Central, Ninja Tune to name but a few. He has contributed to many an exhibition in his past including Eat the Beat in Bristol, Contact Theatre and Arc in Manchester, Magma and Smudge Gallery in London.

Most recently Chris has taken a detour from his usual bold vectographic style instead revelling in the classic medium of watercolour, all be it to produce similar horrific themes.

Chris’s fascination with all things disturbing will soon come to light in this brand new exhibition “All My Heroes Are Undead”. September 2010 sees Chris make his debut at Common, with a gruesome gallery of his outstanding work. Look in horror as pop culture is reanimated into a rotten state of immortality at the hands of the ‘Cavetroll’.

We are over the moon to have Chris on board for an abhorrent collection of dead celebrities, decaying matter, rock and roll and more!