11th September 2014


Thanks to everyone that came and hung out at the launch of The Gravehounds Of Bone Street launch last Thursday. We now have lovely ‘fizzy pink’ bricks, leather jackets, paste-up gig and wanted posters decorating the walls of Common. We’ve had some amazing photos taken of the exhibition by Seb Matthes which you can have a gander at on the exhibition page.

In this weeks news we bring you brunch, music, art and booze, what more could you ask for?!?


Mr W.Badger

21st September
Haxan With Sam Weaver

Michael Holland brings another special guest to join him at Haxan on Sunday 21st September, here’s Michael to introduce you…

Sam Weaver is a recent resident in Manchester and his arrival has brought a great amount of inspiration and productivity in Islington Mill where I have a studio.

Sam runs Open-Circuit with Chris from Gnod Gnetwerk and also has been involved recently with a number of high profile DIY projects. Working closely with Charles Hayward on a new LP, Sam also worked heavily on the new Gnod series of albums coming out shortly on Rocket.

His music collection is outstanding and varied always impressing me with its spacious sounds, expect improv avant-garde pieces you can enjoy! Records that you may never have heard and probably won’t hear again, electronic sounds of synthesisers and many other sounds from beyond your usual listening experience!

Sam obviously also makes his own music just recently performing at the Islington Mill residency in Liverpool at the The Black-E performing a new piece ‘The Pomegranate Circus’.

Sam is also one half of ‘hungryghost’, watch the promo video for the pomegranate circus here.


25th September
Flags from Another Place

Aliyah Hussain’s ‘Flags From Another Place’ focuses on an imagined visual identity for a fictitious world that may or may not be like Earth, using only the flags of each country as a form of expression of individuality for these potentially complex nations. Developed directly from her 2013 solo show ‘Land & Sky & Sea’ at La’Escocesa in Barcelona, the exhibition will utilise installation, prints, textiles and photography.

Set out in the style of an office in an Embassy or UN headquarters, the flags of the world will hang together; along with proposals for collaborative building projects between the different nations and displays of projected unity and harmony through compositional arrangements of abstract shapes and colours.

Flags From Another Place launches on Thursday 25th September at 6pm.

27th September
Brunch at The Beagle

From 27th September The Beagle will be rising bright and early to get you set for the weekend, meet with your mates, or to help soak up that booze from the night before with their brand new Brunch menu and new weekend opening time of 10am.

It’s a battle of the Breakfast (Mexican Wrestling) Champions with Dude Ranch Eggs; grilled cornbread, spicy tomato salsa and two fried eggs Vs Breakfast Burrito; Mexican Chorizo, Omelette, Beans and Salsa, served with Existential Hot Sauce on the side. The Beagle’s ‘Merican Pancakes will satisfy your appetite with U.S style pancakes with Maple Bacon, Fresh Fruit or push the boat out and top with Fried Chicken.

You can’t beat a classic and you can’t beat their Top Muffins with Sausage and Egg or Maple Bacon and Egg, alternatively go for a time-honoured full English (also a veggie version) with the Beagle Breakfast. How D’Ya Like Your Eggs? We like ours on a toasted muffin with a cheeky hash brown and luckily all the Beagle egg dishes come just like that, wether it be Benedict-ish, Royale or Florentine, the choice is yours.

There’s nothing to wake you up like a good brew, The Beagle will be offering free refills of their new high quality, perfectly brewed, single origin filter coffee and their varied selection of teas or clear out that hangover with the blessed saviours Bloody Mary, Bloody Maria (with a Tequila kick!) and the resplendent Beety Mary, busting out the anti-oxidants to make you feel hella good.

The Beagle’s Brunch Menu will run every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 2pm starting on Saturday 27th September. They will be running competitions to win Brunch for TWO throughout September and October, follow @BeaglesAbout to find out more.

9th – 12th October
Indy Man Beer Con

With less than a month to go till Indy Man Beer Con both Saturday sessions and the Friday evening session have SOLD OUT and tickets are flying out fast for Thursday and Sunday so make sure you don’t miss out on the most hop-forward beer festival these fair isles have seen!

There’ll be over 80 breweries at the festival this year, we’ve picked out 4 of our faves that have partnered up with IMBC and will be at every single session.

Magic Rock
With their slogan ‘Magically removed from the mundane’ Magic Rock have been wowing both beer aficionados and converts alike since they launched just 3 years ago. Their dramatic graphic design and flavourful, hop forward brews have set the bar high for all budding new brewers. With names such as High Wire, Bearded Lady and Circus of Sour, give you just a inkling of what they will bring to the “crumbling splendour” of Victoria Baths.

Based in East London and founded in 2011 by Logan Plant, Beavertown brewery was first located in Duke’s Brew and Que BBQ Restaurant, but quickly had to expand to fulfil demand in London and beyond. Having gained the attention of the Guardian earlier in the month the ‘Hand Crafters of Intoxicated Alchemistry’ set out to produce some “dam” fine ales filled with passion that stimulate the drinker, creating an experience with every last sip.

Having won Bronze, Silver and Gold at this year’s Dublin Craft Beer Cup with Jaipur, Saint Petersburg and Chiron respectively as well as winning Silver with Wild Swan at the World Beer Cup Thornbridge will be bringing some new and exciting beery surprises to IMBC as well as some old favourites.

Summer Wine
Summer Wine’s hop and malt laden beers are full of heart, soul and raging personality. Having started in Holmfirth, Yorkshire in 2008 they have been constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible when brewing beer, creating beverages that excite & ensnare your senses. Summer Wine have supported IMBC from the beginning and from their ethos it’s clear to see why.


Friday 12th // Well Future with Kickin’ Pigeon
9pm until 1am – free

Saturday 13th // Friends In Common with Denis Jones / 9pm until 1am – free


Wednesday 17th // Common Knowledge
7.30pm till 11pm – free

Friday 19th // Pumping Iron
9pm until 1am – free

Saturday 20th // Friends In Common with Jeff O’Toole
9pm until 1am – free

Sunday 21st // Haxan with special guest Sam Weaver
4pm – until late – free

REMEMBER to use your ‘shiny orange members card’ to get 10% off selected drinks all day every day (t&c apply) – lost your card? drop us an email with your name and address – thanks.

Elsewhere in Manchester

Thursday 11th // Je crois aux fantômes – An exhibition from Barry Steadmund and Steve Hockett at Islington Mill – 6pm

Saturday 13th // Eyes Down at Soup Kitchen – 11pm

Friday 19th // POLITIKA, Art & Affairs of the city at Hope Mill – 7pm

Saturday 20th // Slow Readers Club at Night & Day – 7pm