9th January 2015

Loving 2k15 much?

January is feeling like December part 2 if I’m honest. It’s chill, don’t get me wrong but I’m out there doing it – living the life!

Our ancestors traditionally curled up with their iPads on their sofas in their onesies watching The Simpsons at this time of year but not us, we’re the new breed. We’re in town! The Northern Quarter is coursing through our veins! Come plug in on Edge Street, I feel a great Wi-Fi connection between us…

Extended Hours!

Remember in crummy old 2014 (RIP) when our Sweet Deal meal deals expired at 5pm on weekdays? That didn’t cater for you thrifty late night stragglers or non-linear creative eaters did it! Well, guess what! During January we are utilising the Swedish deal enlarger we got off ebay and organically EXTENDING our weekday Sweet Deals so you can enjoy maximum value and maximum taste all the way ‘til 9pm. BABY!


WEEKDAYS 12pm – 9pm

Closed for one day!

First we giveth and then we taketh away. We’re closed this coming Monday as we’re having a belated Christmas party for our staff. I know, I know, we just won’t let it go. Christmas is alive in your heart, if you want it to be.

Very many apologies for any inconvenience, we’ll be back to make it up to you on Tuesday baby. We recommend North Tea Power if you’re hankering for a coffee, food or craft bev fix in our absence.

Weekends // 10am – 2pm

Suburban bro, THE BEAGLE, is killing it on the Chorlton brunch scene at the moment, have you heard? Legend has it that every weekend The Beagle opens its pearly gates from 10am and serves that good good bruncheon all the way ‘til 2pm. Did you know that their Has Bean filter coffee flows forever? It’s refills all the way all the live long day. More of a tea pig? They’ve got Sheffield’s finest Birdhouse tea by the unlimited bag load!

And that’s just business as normcore BUT for the month of January The Beagle is running offers on a Friday with FREE BRUNCH up for grabs. We’re talking brunch for two! We’re talking brunch for four! We’re talking a round of Bloody Marys for you and your extended family!

Follow @beaglesabout on twitter for more info and sign up to their newsletter HERE for extra special bonus round brunch competitions!

Thursday 22nd January / 7pm

Gosh, swelling with pride at our siblings. Just look at ‘em taking January by storm! Port Street Beer House is FOUR this January and to celebrate they’re hosting a whole hunk of fun. Kicking proceedings off is a fully-fledged Dutch tap takeover and bottle tasting one-two knockout punch courtesy of Rooie Drop and Oedipus. We can’t hardly wait!

Pick up a ticket post-haste HERE to secure a drinking station in the presence of these Dutch masters. There’ll be tasters galore, learning fun and hopefully some great accents. Fingers crossed!

Well, that’s it, that’s my life. Thanks for listening. Write me back. Come see me some time.


This Week at Common

Friday 9th // Well Future with Macca / 9pm – 1am – FREE
/ Dreamy selections via Stockport with love

Saturday 10th // Friends In Common with Jeff O’ Toole / 9pm until 1am – FREE
/ The heavyweight, hairstute, chunky but hunky one of the Eighty Six crew with a record bag jam packed with tunes.

Next Week At Common

Friday 16th // ‘Space Jam’ with John Powell Jones / 9pm until 1am – FREE
/ Slam dunkin’ cosmic jams and heavy riffs through time and space.

Saturday 17th // Friends in Common with Robert Parkinson / 9pm until 1am – FREE
/ Mind-bending transglobal sounds.

Sunday 18th // Haxan with Dwellings / 4pm until late
/ Tripping sonic leylines with Michael Holland and friends.

In Manchester

Friday 9th // John Loveless and Seb Valentine (SMS) B2B Harmony 2K15 – Kosmonaut – 9pm

Saturday 17th // 24th Carefully Planned All-Dayer / Gullivers – 1pm

Sunday 18th // Red Deer Club ‘Folk + Pizza’ Night / Trove – 6pm