Bar, eatery, coffee spot, bakery.

What up, girl! We situated on the bleeding edge of Edge Street in Manchester’s infamous naughty quarter. Open from 10am every day we ply, you Joe Public, with the finest Workshop coffee beans & Birdhouse loose leaf teas. Want a sausage? Probs non. We roll out full breakfasts 10am-2pm Mon-Sat (10am-midday Sunday) alongside egg-based classics & smashed avocado heavyweights. All the fun, all of the fare.

We muncheon on luncheon every day from 12pm. Check out our menu HERE. Keep an eye out for deals and such. Din-dins becomes a thing every day from 5pm. Ooh ooh and did I say we serve the Sunday Roast from midday on you guessed it…Sunday!

That’s food out of the way. You know what I like though? You know what I really like? When I’m not eating food, I’m most likely drinking drinks. Drinks are the best!

We have just the 15 beer lines at Common. SAY WHAT. 13 keg-taculars and 2 cask strands delivering you, the pungent consumer, the highest qual craft pours this side of forgetaboutit. Ever-changing beer selections from the greatest UK and beyond breweries. Permanent Mikkeller, Brooklyn & Camden Town lines too. Is this Christmas? Every day is Christmas!

Wine selection is fairly sick, as are our cocktails. We are rich of spirit.

We like art and things of this nature. Look out for changing exhibitions in us. Next up is A Woman And A Rodent. October 29th 2015.

Touch my bum, this is life.

See pics of Common exhibitions past right here

Come visit!
COMMON 2004 – ????